Standard Colors For Poker Chips

As a developer of poker chips I am often asked by what the typical colors are for chips. This really is a tough question to answer as there’s really no set benchmark.

Within the agen judi 10 years or so there have been a great deal of retailers pushing collections of plastic poker chips since the popularity of poker exploded. Do not mass promotion, these collections all had the exact standard colours. These collections contained white, black, green, red, and black processors. Some times, blue chips were comprised also.

As a general rule, these colors meets the criteria that the majority of folks would place for poker chip colors. White is generally used as $1 processors, red as $5green as $25, and black as $100 processors. If blue chips were contained, these were normally $10 or $50 chips, which is odd since these denominations are nearly never used in casinos, if it be cash games or tournaments.

However, there is not any worldwide standard colour scheme for poker chips. Not only this, but in just a nation or even section of a country (including Las Vegas or Los Angeles), the colors may vary from casino to casino.

Let us start with the easiest colors –

$5 – Red
$25 – Green
$100 – Black
$500 – Purple
The colors above are almost universal, though note that the $1 processors may be either white or blue. When folks are thinking about obtaining a pair of custom poker chips I consistently recommend blue to your own 1 processors. White chips have a tendency to exhibit dirt and grime easily and simply because they are the chips used most often in most games, that you don’t need the 1 chips to be somewhat cluttered looking.

Every other denominations may vary alot, specially with higher denominations. Here are some more colors, though these are not nearly as standard Because the $1, $5, $25, $100, and even $500 chips:

$0.25 – Most often blue or crimson

$0.50 – White, Red, Blue
$2 – Yellow
$2.50 – Pink, that is very popular at East Coast poker matches
$10 – Blue
$20 – Grey or Yellow
$50 – Orange
$250 – Pink
$1000 – Burgundy, but commonly Orange
$2000 – Light Blue
$5000 – Brown or Grey
But the most essential thing to keep in mind when you’re designing your set of online poker chips is that you do NOT need to follow any standards for your own chips. If you want your own $ 1 processors to become purple subsequently do this!

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